Start class without the chaos.

Engage your students from the minute they walk in the door.

Does it take you forever to get your students settled and ready to learn at the beginning of class? Are you looking for a way to grab your students' attention right away?

Today in history bell ringers are an excellent way to engage your students from the moment they walk in the classroom!

This resource is a bundle of today in history slides for the entire year! Each slide describes an important historical event or person and a relevant picture.

​Are you ready to start class without the chaos?

Grab your copy for just $50.00 $30.00!

Raise your hand if you...

  • Struggle to make the most out of the first few minutes of class
  • Feel like so much time gets wasted because there is just too much going on or you can't get your students' attention fast enough

Do you ever feel like the start of each class period is:

  • Hectic
  • Chaotic
  • Disorganized

Guess what? You are not alone! I know how you feel. I've been there too.


This is why I created my Today in History Year-Long Bell Ringers Bundle!


I was so tired of starting each class in a constant state of disarray and wasting precious minutes of class time!

Now, when my students walk into my classroom they immediately sit down and read the today in history fact I have projected. They are free to discuss the fact with their friends until I finish taking attendance and getting settled.


Talk about a total game changer!

Are you ready to start class without the chaos?

Today in History bell ringers are the perfect way to introduce discussion about important historical events or people into your history classroom. They also expose your students to things in history they may have never heard of before, or that they would like to know more about! 

What's included?

  • Editable version (note: the fonts I used will not work in this version)
  • Non-editable version with the fonts I used
  • check
    365 slides - you're covered all year long!

Check out what other teachers are saying:

I love this product! It has saved me hours of work! I have written a history fact every day on a dry erase board each day for years. It will be so nice to print and post! I also love the visual picture with it! Thank you!

Kristin C.

These are awesome!! So nice to not have to make these myself! The kids always find them interesting and ask questions!

Jessica N.

I'm really excited about using this! I know my kids are going to love it as well! What an easy way to have a class discussion or us it as bellwork. Thank you for creating amazing resources!

Madeleine G.

Are you ready to start class without the chaos?

Frequently Asked Questions

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What material is covered?

What grade level are these bell-ringers for?

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Hey, I'm Rachel! I help busy upper elementary & middle school teachers reduce their stress & workload by providing meaningful and engaging social studies resources. 

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